What do big brands & bad actors have in common?

Both use exceptionally talented experts, well-versed in rapidly evolving technologies, to deliver their messages online.

Influence levels the playing field for government agencies.

Modernize your methods.
Supercharge your messaging.

In an increasingly online world, countries face new and complex challenges to democracy, security, and freedom. Influence can help you dial in your digital capabilities with Silicon Valley’s best-in-class tools, techniques, and talent.

Influence Influence

Advanced solutions made simple and seamless.

Powered by ad tech industry pros and Washington’s foremost government communications experts, Influence offers a comprehensive suite of services that empower government operators with the most advanced and powerful tools for real-time sentiment analysis and communication campaign management.

Real-time sentiment testing and audience profiling nearly anywhere in the world

Narrative testing and ultra precise, cross-platform message delivery

Comprehensive training program providing both foundational and advanced learning